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 Aston T-Shirt ORIGIN black
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 Aston T-Shirt ORIGIN black
 Aston T-Shirt FACE light grey
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 Aston T-Shirt FACE light grey
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 Aston T-Shirt FACE light grey
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 Aston T-Shirt FACE dark grey
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Aston Stealth survives inter-dimensional galactic battle
Bars and Melody choose Aston Stealth
Spirits in the Crypt - Producer Anthony Leung and his Aston mics.
Nothing More at Abbey Road with Aston Stealth
Dead Kennedys rock the Electric Ballroom with Aston mics
Submotion Orchestra's Dom Howard and his do-it-all Aston Origin
Session drummer Emily Dolan Davies discusses Aston mics, Bono and Arsene Wenger...
Atlantic Records' Tom Mullen on emo and Aston mics
LA producer, engineer and musician Thom Monahan joins the Aston family
Jazz legend George Benson on board with Aston microphones
Scoring with Stealth - Composer, Producer and Musician Dave Anson
Aston Stealth nominated for NAMM Tec Award
WIN a piece of microphone history
Take an Aston Stealth on loan and get heard!
Idles rock Glastonbury
The Aston Summer of Love! Share your moments and WIN!!
Aston artists triumph at Kerrang Awards
Touring with LOUD bands and Aston mics - FOH engineer Jeremy Snyder
Ty Fy Studios' Tommy Bailey on DIsney, Aston mics and whiskey jugs...
Jamie Cullum has Aston Spirit surrounded
George the Poet and Sentebale team up for Charity gig
Producer Chris Craker on Aston mics, Jamiroquai and the King of Thailand...
Stellar FOH enginner Russell Tite - using Astons live with the Bottlemen
Romesh Dodangoda nominated for Best Producer at the Heavy Music Awards
Aston band Idles scoop Best Album at Ivor Novello Awards
Aston Stealth makes its way to Poland in a glowing review from Estrada
Life at the top of the voiceover industry with Aston artist Guy Harris
Both Sides of the Booth returns with all you need to know about recording strings
Carl Bown gets behind the desk with Heavy Music
Grammy award-winning producer Ryan Freeland and his Aston mics
From thrash to synthwave with British metal megastar Carl Bown
The Caligaris and their amazing floating creative HQ
Catherine Anne Davies - Aston Spirits and the Anchoress
Al Murray on Pub Landlords, Fat Cops and Aston mics
Starlights, lasers and spaceships; drummer for the stars Tom Meadows
Ged Grimes Grabs multiple nominations for The Bard’s Tale
Classical engineer Damien Quintard adds Stealths to his Aston collection
Shooting the breeze, and an Aston Origin, with stellar producer Sylvia Massy
Watch: Introducing Aston SwiftShield
Watch: Introducing Aston Swift
Alexander Archer Talks Life Behind The Desk With MusicTech Magazine
Watch: Introducing Aston Shield GN
FOH master Chris Fullard with his Aston Starlights at historic NYC Ulver gig
First Aston Stealth pro audio reviews hit the news stands
Escape The Fate’s Kevin ‘Thrasher’ Gruft and his flaming Aston mics
The Joyful Noise of Chris Cracknell
From tea-maker to hit-maker. Grammy-nominee Bryan Wilson and his Aston Spirit.
Lights, Camera, Magic…with Disney Engineer and Aston Artist Dan Scott
Watch: Introducing Aston Stealth
Watch: Aston Stealth - The World's Most Versatile Microphone
Simon McBride On Tour With Don Airey
Watch: Aston Stealth Unboxes...Itself?
Tim Hecker’s epic shows captured with Aston Starlights
Earth Wind and Fire’s David Whitworth has the Aston Spirit
Holed-up with Aston – the multi-talented Simon Dobson
Transforming the Home Recording Process with Skindred’s Mikey Demus
Aston Stealth Wins Sonic State Pro Audio Award
Nik West Announces European Tour
Aston Stealth - Eccentric engineering
Mixing it with QOTSA and Eagles of Death Metal - producer Dave Catching
Ricky Gervais latest star captured by True Geordie’s Aston Spirit
Vahagn Stepanyan - bringing the world together through music
Back on firm ground with sky-diving sound engineer Samantha White
Consoles and cameras with the multi-talented Rocco Guarino
Ian Wright, True Geordie and Three Aston Spirits!
Exploring the Aston Microphones signature with record producer Glenn Rosenstein
Anya V releases EP featuring in-car vocals and Aston mics
Breaking the rules - the new Aston Stealth microphone
Music on the move with award-winning producer Jae Deal
5 star Gearslutz review for Aston Swiftshield
Metal guru Jeramie Kling talks high-altitude and beautiful tanks
Chile Performs 'Wasting Time' using the Aston Spirit on Vocals
From rapping in lunch rooms to working with Ms. Lauryn Hill: get to know X:144
Idles guitarist Lee Kiernan on sick mics and sh*t keyboards
Iwan Gronow on Manchester, Johnny Marr and Aston mics.
Congratulations King Crimson on 50 amazing years!
Live and loud with FOH engineer Chris Fullard
Aston Spirit used on new Sstaria record 'It Always Does'
Aston, Analogue and the Allman Brothers with Producer/Engineer Ted Young
Musician and Producer Tom Beaujour on Starlights, Nuthouse and Side Boob
The making of Stealth – the Aston 33
Aston Stealth – The world's most versatile microphone
Help get this song to number one!
Aston Mics announces major partnership with Tileyard Education
2300 ft underground with QOTSA FOH legend Hutch
Video - Introducing Aston Halo
NAMM 2019; Distributors - join the Aston family!
Mixing classical with rock and roll . 'One Man Symphony' Rick Nelson
Origins, Spirits and Good News with the multi-talented Jake Morelli
300 million songs and counting - writer, producer and musician Peter Rafelson
From open mic nights to the 02 - busker extraordinaire Alfie Sheard
Win an Aston Origin with Jayce Lewis and FL Studio
Aston Mics onboard with Trash Boat's Ryan Hyslop
Elle Exxe Taking Over the World
WIN! The mic that started it all...
Aston Origin - The Birth of a Brand - Part 1
Aston Origin - The Birth of a Brand - Part 2
Aston Origin - The Birth of a Brand - Part 3
Introducing: The Aston Starlight
Video - Introducing Aston Spirit
Stellar producer Tony Platt on acoustics, attitude and Aston mics
Both Sides of the Booth - Episode 2 - Mic'ing Brass
The rock’n’roll approach to classical mic’ing with Damien Quintard
Aston mics survive IDLES attack
53 number ones and counting - Session legend Geoff Dugmore
Capturing The Horizon with an Aston Halo
IDLES scoop Q Awards gong
Pinpointing a great drum sound with the Aston Starlight
Producer Adrian Hall - from Shoeps to Starlights...
Aston Starlights on tour
Emmys, Baftas and Aston mics - the multi-talented Guus Hoevenaars
Video - Introducing Aston Origin
WIN a matched stereo pair of Aston Starlights!
My Baby using our babies! Trio choose Aston Spirits as overheads.
Spiritualized with the Aston Spirit
Aiming for the stars - the Aston Starlight
Hannah Trigwell - Painting Europe Red
Innovation condensed – the Aston Starlight
Industry approved – the Aston Starlight
Video - Introducing Aston Halo Shadow
Making loud music sound awesome with Romesh Dodangoda
Mixing in great company - FOH legend Dave Lamb
Aston Microphones - Best practice amongst UK’s businesses and organisations
Prince, Spirits and Purple Caves with funk legend Nik West
Adulation and outrage as IDLES steal show on Later with Jools
Producer and engineer John Cornfield on live energy, new tricks and Aston mics.
Ged Grimes goes Gaelic with Bard's Tale and Aston mics
Aston Halo - All you need to know
Win an engraved Aston Spirit condenser microphone
Why the World’s Top Music Professionals are Turning to Spirits
The Spirit's Rise - a story of British microphone innovation
Dizzee Rascal lands new EP and joins the Halo stars
Novellos and Origins with songwriting legend Eg White
Aston Origin - All you need to know
Aston punks IDLES straight in at no 5.
Jackson 5 Legend Tito Jackson on the Aston Spirit
Chris Porter – From Cataclysm to Scary Monsters
Win the best reflection filter in the world!
Damien Quintard at the Konzerthaus with Aston.
Spirits, Starlights and Simple Minds, with Ged Grimes.
Aston Halo – Why diffusion makes the difference
Aston Starlights - A Tale of Two Mics
Aston Halo – Reflection filter technology
VTR North - Two engineers on the Aston Spirit.
'Time For Some Singing' - Gary Barlow with the Aston Spirit
Made On the Road - with Aston on Board
Aston Halo - Reflected Glory
Gareth Dunlop live on air with Aston Mics
Star tenor Bechara Moufarrej with the Aston Spirit
Entering into the Aston Spirit with King Crimson’s Jakko Jakszyk
Aston Mics at work with Vintage King and adidas
Gary Barlow on the Aston Halo Shadow reflection filter
The Wombats on tour with Aston
Drake’s been recording at home with an Aston Halo
Dave Pemberton - Aston 33
Both Sides of the Booth - Episode 1
Meerkat Meals commercial with Aston Origin & voice-over king Redd Pepper
Backstage with The Darkness
Visit us at Summer NAMM 2018
Aston Artist Jamie "Pop" Morrison - Stereophonics
IDLES Announce New Album and World Tour
Camden Rocks Festival on 2nd June 2018 - powered by Aston Mics
The Jesus & Mary Chain live on stage with Aston Mics
GuitarBrosDemos - Taking gear reviews to another level!
A Perfect Circle have just released their #1 album "Eat The Elephant"
John Lennon (Imagine) cover by Connor Thomas
Paul Joseph (100 Watt Vipers) uses Origin on new Old Man Jasper album
Years & Years - Sanctify (Live Vevo Session)
Rami Jaffee (Foo Fighters) takes the Starlights on tour
Laura Jane Grace records 'Park Life Forever' with Origin
Tommy Emmanuel - Performing 'Purple Haze' at the Hendrix Flat in London
Andertons Music Co. Interview James Young
Welcome to the Aston family, Ed Sheeran!
“I ******* LOVE these mics!”
Ask Audio Interview - James Young
Origin overkill on baby piano!?
Jayce Lewis - We are One (ft. Brian May)
Supporting the Paul Savage Music Marathon
Jessie Ware performs on "The One Show" with Spirit and Starlight
"Garbage" uses Aston gear in studio
Sound on Sound and James Young about Aston's new accessory line
Zakk Wylde Performs Room of Nightmares at the Hendrix Flat in London
On Location Recording: Romesh Dodangoda records Bars and Melody in a Budapest Hotel
John Ferraro with the Aston Origin
Kaela Sinclair loves her Aston gear
Thom Yorke uses Spirit live
MusicTech Magazine "Six of the Best" - Aston Starlight
Napalm Death in the studio with the Aston Origin
Newton Faulkner uses the Aston Halo
Chris Porter uses Starlights in studio and on tour
Aston on tour with The Misfits
Aston Origin on TV
Aston Origin on Destiny 2 Campaign
EDM-duo DVBBS uses Aston gear
Passenger performs new song with the Aston Starlight on YouTube Live
Irwin Sparkes on tour with the Aston Starlight
Grammy nominees Nothing More use Aston Mics in studio
Adrian Hall in action with the Aston Starlight and Spirit


Adrian Hall
Charles Macdonald
Chris Cracknell
Alexander Archer
Cian Ciaran - Super Furry Animals
Dave Catching
David Whitworth - Earth Wind and Fire
Austen Jux-Chandler
Dean Stevens
Bryan Wilson
Chris Fullard
Chris Porter
Gareth Dunlop
Damien Quintard
Ged Grimes - Simple Minds
Dan Scott
Dave Pemberton
Geoff Dugmore
Dave Lamb
Irwin Sparkes - The Hoosiers
Eg White
Emre Ramazanoglu
Glenn Rosenstein
Greg Brimson
Guus Hoevenaars
Hutch - QOTSA
Ian Dowling
Iwan Gronow - Johnny Marr/Eyecatchmusic
Jamie "Pop" Morrison - Stereophonics
Jae Deal
Jayce Lewis
Jake Morelli
Jamie Brown
Jeramie Kling
Kevin 'Thrasher' Gruft - Escape The Fate
Jez Ashurst
Lee Kiernan - Idles
Mikey Demus - Skindred
John Cornfield
Nik West
John Delf
Ori Winokur and Yuvi Gerstein
Peter Rafelson
Rick Nelson
Ryan Hyslop - Trash Boat
Simon Dobson
Rocco Guarino
Simon McBride
Russ Russell
Roger Lyons
Romesh Dodangoda
Samantha White
Steve Levine
Ted Young
Tom Beaujour
Tony Platt
Troy Antunes
Vahagn Stepanyan
Yoad Nevo
Alfie Sheard
Anya V
Connor Thomas
Elle Exxe
Al Murray
Alexandra Whittingham
Andy Bradfield
Anthony Leung
Carl Bown
Catherine Anne Davies
Chris Craker
Dave Anson
Dom Howard
Emily Dolan Davies
Eva Sita
Guy Harris
Jeremy Snyder
Jon Thorne
Margaret Davis
Russell Tite
Ryan Freeland
Sylvia Massy
The Caligaris
Thom Monahan
Tom Meadows
Tom Mullen
Tommy Bailey
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