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Spirits, Starlights and Simple Minds, with Ged Grimes.

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Ged Grimes has had success after success, as a player, writer and producer. He first hit the heights when his group Danny Wilson had a big hit with the 1987 single Mary's Prayer, then came a successful career producing video game soundtracks, including those for The Bard's Tale, Enter The Matrix and Amplitude. He collaborated with Natalie Imbruglia, Eddi Reader and other top artists before joining supergroup Simple Minds in 2010.

Ged is a valued member of the Aston 33, a select and growing panel of industry experts who participate in pre-release blind listening tests on each new Aston microphone to ensure each new model sounds the best in its class.

He first encountered Aston mics when he relocated studios, losing the use of some vintage mics, particularly a Neumann U47 FET, owned by the radio station whose premises he shared.

“A producer friend in LA was raving about the Aston Spirit when it was released and, to be honest, I thought it was too good to be true. I was blown away with how fantastic it sounded with all the vocalists I was working with, better in some cases than the Neumann which didn’t suit certain singers. I was sold from then on and recently added a pair of Aston Starlights which are awesome all-rounders.”

For his production and mixing projects Ged now works from his own purpose-built facility in Dundee, favouring Logic as his DAW and Native Instruments’ Maschine for compositional work. At the time of writing Ged is working with traditional Scottish musicians on the soundtrack for a video game called The Bard’s Tale, focussing on capturing the performances of “super talented” musicians using a combination of Starlights and Spirits.

“The Aston’s are all over The Bard’s Tale soundtrack – from vocals to percussion to acoustic guitars. Astons are every producer's dream: top quality, versatile, go-to mics that deliver every time.”

Aston family!

Read everything about Ged on his artist page.

Keep up to date with Ged via his website: https://www.gedgrimes.com/

And be first to know about releases and live dates from Simple Minds: https://www.simpleminds.com/



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