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New Talent
Allegra Neve
Allegra Neve
Allegra Neve
Allegra Neve

Allegra Neve

Singer, Songwriter
Allegra Neve

With a killer voice and unstoppable talent, 12-year-old Allegra Neve definitely has a bright future ahead of her. Already filling her time with touring and creating beautiful music we don't doubt her musical talent will take her far. Find out more about what's in store for Allegra and how she's found the perfect mic in the Aston Spirit... 

Allegra uses
I held a note and then I went to sleep

When I was first born mum said I didn’t actually cry, I held a note and then I went to sleep. I was always dancing and singing around the house ever since I was little. I first went busking when I was around 8 as I thought I would try performing in public, I pushed through my fears and it was really fun! Ever since I did that, I’ve been really hooked into performing and playing music. I just think there was something in the performing and playing that I just really enjoyed and performing for people really makes me happy!  


I’ve grown up listening to lots of music genres and still do. I am loving writing and playing Indie rock music most. I play guitar and I sing but I also play piano, drums and ukulele. 



Saving up for a guitar

I've been playing the guitar for close to 2 and a half years. I first was busking with backing tracks and strumming on a ukulele. I actually got my first guitar given to me as I had a sign saying ‘saving up for a guitar’ when I was busking and I was kindly gifted one!  It was a little Cort and that’s when I started playing and I got really into it and then I started performing with my guitar. At times I perform on a piano as well. I like to save all my gig and busking money and buy my own instruments and music equipment. 


There are lots of people who inspire me, the main musicians that I love are Cage the Elephant, Lana Del Rey, Middle kids and a stack of alternative/indie artists way too many to name!  My mum raised me on Nirvana, Angus and Julia Stone, and 90’s grunge bands  and dad gave me the Led Zeppelin sort of stuff and a bit of Lana Del Rey so I just think it’s been a mix of everything!  


I sung through one and I just fell in love

I was looking for a new microphone to use was doing some research because I wanted to find one that was excellent quality at an affordable price. Aston Mics came up I thought that was really cool because I liked the look and it was a boutique sort of style. I did a little bit more research on it and then I went to a music store when I saw the Limited-Edition Black Spirit, I was like oh my god I need to get one of these! 


 It’s amazing to record with and I did my latest YouTube video with it, I sang through it first time and just fell in love! It is so clear yet it was so organic and it felt right singing through it  I was so happy when I found Aston Mics because I’ve always been looking for that mic that’s just the perfect one if you know what I mean, the one that’s easiest for you and makes you feel good singing through it. It was attainable as well because I buy all my own musical gear.  So to get such quality really and to be within reach is just like as good as it gets. 


I just miss performing on stage


I just want to perform because I love it. My biggest goal is to perform at Coachella which is so ambitious but that’s where I want to be. I don’t really want to do anything else other than play music!


Last year was an amazing year because I think I had about 12 festivals plus some venue performances as well and we must have spent a couple of months on the road in total!  



Outtakes and Credits

Q. Who are your favourite artists? 
A. Definitely Cage the Elephant, Lana Del Rey, Middle Kids, Nirvana and I think they’re probably like my top people who I’ve been listening to oh and also The Strokes.

Q. If you weren’t working in music, what do you think you’d be doing?
A. Well ideally it would be music forever but  I’d want to be a vet as I just love animals or maybe a sound engineer, but I probably wouldn’t rule out a mad scientist or eccentric artist! Lol!

Q. What would your fantasy microphone be?
A. I have it! But my ultimate fantasy would be the collection of Aston mics, to mic up the rest of my instruments, they are the ultimate!  

Q. What are the four words you would use to describe Aston or your experience with the brand?
A. Organic, Incredible, Stunning and Tough

Q. What was the first song that made you cry?
A. Fall at Your Feet by Crowded House. My mum played it when I was really little probably about 4 and I would always tell her to shut it off because I would be balling my eyes out. I would be crying so much and even when I sing it now, I still cry, I don’t know why it’s just so emotional and ever since then, no I can’t listen to it! That was definitely the first song that ever made me cry.







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