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Aston Stealth Wins Sonic State Pro Audio Award

Category : Products

Aston Stealth is looking to be another overwhelming success with audio experts and music industry professionals, picking up its first award within days of its launch.

Stealth was introduced to the world at NAMM 2019, where it wowed artists, engineers, producers and press from around the globe with its plethora of unique and innovative features, slick design and unbeatable sound performance. Many compared it favourably to high-end industry standard mics ten times the price. Music Technology news hub Sonic State were one such publication, honouring Stealth with their Pro Audio Award.

SonicState.com is a go-to resource for expert knowledge on amps, synths and music tech. So when they say Stealth is the best around, you can rest assured they know what they’re talking about.

It looks like Stealth is already on its way to emulating Aston’s previous releases, Origin, Spirit and Starlight, which have all won multiple awards from the world’s audio press and TEC nominations at the prestigious NAMM awards.

Read more about Aston Stealth here.

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