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Consoles and cameras with the multi-talented Rocco Guarino

Category : Artists

Producer, songwriter, videographer and director Rocco Guarino’s career really took off when he met Slash and Scott Welland, formerly of Guns’n’Roses and, at the time, working on supergroup Velvet Revolver. He went on to become the band’s photographer and videographer and went on to achieve top ten for the band in the MTV VH1 charts.

The multi-talented New Yorker has also used his array of audio and visual skills working with a host of top artists including Elton John, Juliette Lewis, Weezer and Pearl Jam.

As chief engineer of the studio he later set up with Welland, Rocco heard of the buzz surrounding a new British mic manufacturer:

“Every time I talked to engineers they were saying great things about Aston mics. I kept trying to borrow one from one of the bands to try out but no one wanted to let them go!”

Fast-forward to today and Rocco, now chief engineer at Fonogenic Studios, co-owned by Foo Fighters, uses a stereo pair or of Aston Starlights in his work:

“I used to use an AKG 451 on the guitars but I get a better range of sounds out of the Starlight. I find the different settings work better for Taylors, Martins and so on.”

Rocco is a member of the Aston 33 development panel s it’s perhaps no surprise he is using the mics he helped voice! Thanks for all your support Rocco.

Read our full interview with Rocco on his official Aston Artist page:



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