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The Wombats on tour with Aston

Category : Artists

English rock band The Wombats are currently on world tour, playing everywhere from the USA to Australia and Europe. With a tight schedule of over 30 tour events and a fantastic team in place the guys from Liverpool always deliver a fantastic show. For the best sound (accuracy) The Wombats are touring with the Aston Starlight using the laser targeting SDC on drums.

“Starlights on overheads...I have to say I'm very Impressed! Particularly with the way the snare comes across thru them. I guess that, in itself is showing how good the laser pointer is. As I aim them both directly towards the centre of the snare drum and bang the snare was joyous.” - FOH Russell Tite 


You can find the Wombats tour dates and tickets availibilties here


About the Aston Starlight

The Aston Starlight features a 20 mm cardioid capsule hand-picked by a panel of more than 70 top producers (Aston 33) in double blind listening tests conducted during 2016. Starlight showcases a host of innovations, including laser targeting, multiple voices (Vintage, Modern & Hybrid), and near perfectly linear off-axis response, which have seen the mic win a host of international awards, and a nomination for 2018 NAMM TEC, the ‘Oscars’ of the music technology industry.

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