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Tugg the Drummer hooks up with Aston mics

Category : Artists

Nathan ‘Tugg’ Curran, aka Tugg the Drummer is best known as the drummer driving the live sound of electronic stadium acts Basement Jaxx and Gorgon City, but as a session player his credits extend to Elton John, Lily Allen, Lewis Capaldi and many more.

Also a producer with his own facility where he records his own, and others’, projects, Tugg uses the full range of Aston microphones, relying on Spirits, Origins and Starlights to capture his work, alongside his latest and favourite acquisition, the TEC Award-winning Aston Stealth:

“For me, the Stealth is the best mic Aston do, just for the versatility and those sounds you get from it.” Tugg told us.             

Tugg likes to mix acoustic sounds with electronic creations from his extensive collection of vintage drum modules and synths, a combination that features heavily in his own project, Planet Battagon, a collaboration with members of Jaxx, Joe Strummer’s band and others. He describes it as; “a cross between John Coltrane and Herbie Hancock, but with Aphex Twin… I do all the bass lines and drum synths, all the weird elements of it, and the others basically paint on top.”

Tugg has a sample pack out on Loopmasters. They describe it as: ‘a powerful
collection of Live Disco and Electro drum chops ready to drop into your House,
Disco, Electro productions.’ Check it out here.


A warm welcome to ‘Tugg the drummer’ Nathan Curran!

Read our exclusive interview with Nathan here.




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