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Element co-stars in new video

Category : Products

Check out the new video for the 'People's microphoone'

If you’ve been wondering why there’s been such an industry fuss about Aston’s latest offering, Element, here’s a chance to see and hear it in action. Videographer Russ Caligari’s creation features the ‘People’s microphone’ faced with a range of quick-fire sound sources and breezing through the challenge.

Best known as a singer/songwriter’s go-to, the video shows Element also staking a claim to being a fully-fledged studio all-rounder – ideal for those considering their first serious mic or looking to add to their current arsenal.

Featuring Deva St. John and Marcus Data on vocals and a voiceover by Simon McCoy (who also plays a mean triangle), the song for the shoot was created and recorded on the day. Cellist Richard Ashley and beatmaker Jermaine Bless completed the band line-up, with Gavin Lombos producing and engineering the music, Anthony Tomlin looking after live recording and backline and Matt Biss on technical duties including operating the revolving platform at the centre of the piece.

Aston Elements were used for all the vocals, instruments and sound effects - everything in fact, including the beats, which were recorded with an Element and sampled.

Our thanks to Russ, Lou, Gavin, Deva, Marcus, Jermaine, Richard, Simon, Anthony, Helena and Matt, for making this happen.


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