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Singer Songwriter
Mr Luna

Rising star Aliice certainly knows how to use her voice killing it on everything from commercial voice acting, Disney covers and original songs with the band her and her husband founded 'Mr. Lunas' and her solo project 'Aliice'. She is definitely one to watch with her bright fun style, she is certainly standing out from the crowd. The Aston Stealth has found itself at the forefront of Aliice's recording set up, find out why...

Mr. Lunas
It was The Little Mermaid that pushed me over the edge

I could blame Disney for getting me into music as a kid. It was The Little Mermaid that pushed me over the edge and made me realize I needed to spend every waking minute around music, it just made me feel more alive than anything else! At age 5 I was hooked and that feeling still remains. Born in Hollywood and raised beside my father; Voice Actor Lennie Weinrib (Scrappy Doo among other characters), goofing around with my voice has always felt natural, we would always sing and do cartoon impressions around the house. I guess you could say I am the one with the words and vocal expression. I would define myself as a Singer-Songwriter, Voice Actor and Lyricist. I’m quite difficult to shut up... Can I also add in Coffee addict? 

Getting into music was rather inevitable, I never really had a life without music or cartoons. My home was always full of books, vinyls, VHS  cassettes, a piano and art. I couldn’t pass Math to save my life, but music came naturally. My father was also a singer and director, producer and percussionist. Hyper artistic genes I guess. He always said: “I’ll sleep when I'm dead”, and so he did, may he rest in peace.



I strongly believe in equality

Even though I'm quite hard on myself, I try to always sit down and commemorate each achievement. My proudest moments are related to the LGBTQ Pride movement. I strongly believe in equality and have demonstrated my support through 2 live performances held during Pride season. The first was at World Pride Madrid in 2017 in front of 20 thousand people and the second time at Pride Chile 2018 in front of 100 thousand beautiful people. Both times I just broke down and cried after getting off stage, the feeling is overwhelming and I’ll never forget those experiences.

Another landmark worthy of mentioning would be in 2012, I was invited by legendary producer Humberto Gatica (Cher, Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, Michael Bublé, among others!), to sing at his studio, alongside the backup singers from Michael Jackson’s This Is It Tour. To say I was scared shitless would be an understatement haha, but everyone there was lovely and I’ll never forget all the things I learned.

I tried the Stealth and my jaw dropped

As for my approach, not being signed to a record label making constant commercial requests, it’s easier to keep the work honest and navigate through your workflow as you see fit and keep it true to whatever you’re going through at the time and wish to sing-write about. As Mr. Lunas we always record from our Home Studio in West Hollywood. We have only been living in L.A. for a year now, so we aren’t as equipped as we would like, but I can’t complain. We use a Universal Audio Apollo twin, Cubase 10, Kirlin cables, Vimana Electric guitars, a Schecter bass and last but not least 2 Aston mics; Stealth and Origin.

I had heard about Aston but hadn’t tried their microphones myself. This January at The Namm Show I took on the task to try out as many mics as possible, looking for true love and boy oh boy did I find it! I tried the Stealth and my jaw dropped and my heart skipped a beat! No other mic had ever captured my low ends like this! At that moment I knew we would be inseparable. I am faithful to my Stealth. This girl knows what she likes! But I also record at my home studio with my Origin from time to time.  All I know is that my Stealth is a pretty intimidating looking beast! So I sleep with it under my pillow in case someone ever tried to break in and I needed to kick some ass.




Cinematic Angry Pop

My husband and I started a band called Mr. Lunas about 1 year ago. Our love for movies and shows led us to create a sound we define as Cinematic Angry Pop, imagine it kinda like if Lady Gaga entered the Stranger Things universe. Powerhouse vocals accompanied by synth waves, string arrangements and of course his master electric guitar moves.

We are trying to use this time quarantined in California to create as much as possible, so we are writing new songs and making music videos at home! We bought some lights and a backdrop on Amazon and now I think I am Tarantino haha. We just released a 100% homemade cover to Netflix’s hit show Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) opening song to our YouTube channel and we will be releasing our next single Devil Business in about 2 weeks with another homemade video. We are super excited by it, already being described by friends as a female Muse like vibe. Great talented friends decided to jump in and join the single, such as Ra Diaz (Suicidal Tendencies) on bass, Dennis Leeflang (Bumblefoot) on drums and Nicolás Quinteros (Delta) on keyboards. This will be our band’s 4 single release, so we are pretty much still in diapers, but we love the direction it’s taking and would love to have you join us from the beginning!

Outtakes and Credits

Q. Who are your favourite artists?
A. Michael Jackson is probably one of my greatest influences; his intensity, talent, discipline and attention to detail were always such an example to follow. I could make this a never ending list, but i would say my die hard influences would have to include Stevie Wonder, Sia, Freddie Mercury and Aerosmith.

Q. If you weren’t working in music what would you be doing? 
A, I have a tremendous passion for the fashion world and makeup, a bit evident when you see my work and how I change my look every 5 minutes, I’m worse than Madonna haha. I would have probably tried to become a designer or makeup artist. Being quarantined these days I have had more time to play dress up and try different looks for new videos and shoots at home. 

Q. What would your fantasy mic be? 
A. Not to sound like a kiss ass, but I already own it; my Stealth haha, I’m truly pleased and plan on using it every chance I get, live and in the studio and after all this Corona madness ends, I might even take it out for dinner and a movie.

Q. What are 4 words that you’d use to describe Aston?
A, Dedicated, Quality, Affordable and Down-to-Earth (3 words, but combined as 1, how sneaky of me)

Q. What was the first song that made you cry?
A. Oh, this is a very specific and original question. Probably Overjoyed by Stevie Wonder, he just hits those notes man and…. don’t get my crying now! I have snacks to eat on my couch, I am a very busy woman haha All jokes aside, I have been getting up at 6am every day during the lockdown and using my extra time as well as possible.


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