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New Talent
Anya V

Anya V

Singer, Musician
Anya V

The ‘Russian Princess’, singer/songwriter Anya V has an extraordinary voice, a fondness for Aston mics and a preference for singing lead vocals in her car…

Anya V
Anya's using these Astons:
Coming to America

 “I was born into a musical family as an only child. My Mother was a piano player and Dad is a singer and he plays viola. I was really focussed on the piano since I was four (my Mother was ear-training me by the time I was three!) I took my classical training to its peak.

I came to America when I was about eleven years old and fell in love with RnB music. I learned English here in Chicago and just started writing, then learned to record myself – I had a Yamaha workstation you could record four different tracks on - and little by little just worked my way up, composing, writing for myself, collaborating with other artists and producers.

My Dad bought me my first mic, a Neumann, and that was a part of my life until Aston came along and I fell in love with your mics! I got my first pair of speakers and an Apple Macbook and just started recording with Garageband, which I still use – I’m comfortable with it, it does the job, you know?”

Musicians to musicians

“I was collaborating with Dj’s a lot and for the most part my releases went out through them with me being the featured vocalist. I usually write and record everything on my own and send over the vocals for whoever is producing the track to put their magic on it but there are times when it’s a full collaboration of us writing and co-producing together.”

Anya moved to LA in 2014 and initially spent time writing and performing:

“Sometimes I perform just with the piano, accompanying myself, other times with a whole band or to a track. Every venue requires a different vibe. There are lots of intimate gatherings, musician to musician type jams I like to attend as well. Sayer's Club is one, The Study in Hollywood every Monday and Wednesday. Sofitel has a great jazz night on Mondays too. LA is filled with places that have amazing live music and everyone is ridiculously talented."

Then it was back into the studio as she started working with award winning composer, arranger and producer Jae Deal. The pair have spent the past few months on Anya’s debut EP.

“It’s mixed and mastered now and I’ll be super-excited to release it. Before that I was just releasing a couple of singles a year.”

In-car audio

For the EP we did some stuff at Jae’s place, he has his own studio, but for the most part I recorded my stuff at home - or in my car. I get my best sound in the car because it’s so closed and nobody’s bothering me and there are no extra sounds anywhere. It’s quite simple, the no 1 thing I need is definitely the outlet that goes into the cigarette burner of the car so I can plug in my computer, because my computer dies often. The trick is to make sure the computer is fully charged. I have to have the motor on for it to charge and then I have to turn it off to record as I don’t want to hear the motor! But I also have this gadget that I built for my microphone – it actually fits the Aston really well – it’s kinda like a house for a microphone. I usually hang it upside down from the mirror. It works really nicely, it gets the sound nice and clean.

I have to park away from traffic on a quiet street or in a parking garage under my apartment building with multiple cars, but it's dark in there so it's kinda weird recording party songs!”

Jae Deal added: “It’s funny because one time Anya sent me some vocals and I had to ask ‘what did you do?! Do exactly what you did because THIS is the sound!’ ”

Home and away

“For performing the EP material live I definitely see a band, and possibly a DJ as well. Every song is different and requires a different kind of performance. I’m also a dancer so I see things very theatrically when I think about my show. Some songs could just be me and the piano, some with a band, some with a DJ. A show is what I see. I’m a performer at heart so I definitely want to explore all of my assets. I have another EP brewing and I’m hoping to land a tour this year.”

Anya records using her Aston Origin and Spirit mics, usually with one set up at home and the other packed ready for music on the go.

“I love the Spirit but the Origin sounds great too. I use them equally. Whenever I record at home I use the Halo too. I love the Halo and it looks really cool.”

Aston Starlights were also used on the EP with producer Jae using a stereo pair to capture the real string sections which are a feature of the recordings.

Anya V with Producer Jae Deal


Q. Who are your favourite artists?

A. Brandy, Mariah Carey, Christine Aguilera, Beyonce.

Q. If you weren’t working in music what would you be doing?

A. A plastic surgeon. I’m a perfectionist and I like to make people happy and I know people feel a lot happier when they feel better about themselves externally. Also I’m a sculptor - I like to do sculpting and art.

Q. What would your fantasy mic be?

A. I’d like it to have all the EQs on it already and some kind of ‘soft-autotune’ device. If it could transport me in time too, that would be cool!

Q. What are the 4 words you’d chose to describe Aston, or your experience with the brand?


Smooth, Sexy, Warm, Edgy.

Q. What is the first song that made you cry?

A. Here is a vinyl of a Belorussian folk album that my dad sang and played viola on. He is the handsome one all the way to the right in the navy coat, holding his viola. The song that made me cry every time I heard it is called 'Yagada v bary'.


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