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Sting takes it to the Bridge with an Aston Halo

Category : Artists

Continuing our #HelloHalo series, UK legend Sting is our latest spot, and one of our proudest yet. The ex-Police man posted this shot on his social channels during the recording of The Bridge. It’s his fifteenth studio album as a solo artist and his first for a while, in fact his last full-length work, 57th and 9th, was released in 2016, around the same time as the Aston Halo made its first appearance in the world’s music stores.

This is Sting’s fifth decade as a hitmaker. When the Police were filling stadiums in the 70’s and 80’s there was no Aston Microphones brand and no reflection filters, so getting a professional vocal sound usually meant paying for pexpensive studio time. Nowadays the Halo gives musicians and producers a way to get a great vocal sound even in the worst acoustic environments.

And in just a few years Halo has become a favourite, both for those recording at home and for artists who travel and need a consistent vocal sound in each new recording venue. Available in Aston purple or black (Halo Shadow – Sting’s preference by the look of things) Halo is available from all Aston’s retail partners.

Sting’s album, The Bridge is available on all digital platforms and various physical forms, including a 12” vinyl box set.


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