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Elle Exxe
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Elle Exxe

Elle Exxe

Elle Exxe

Elle Exxe has become a successful pop singer largely down to fierce determination and knowing when to reinvent herself. The self-styled and funded musician has producers knocking on her door and has consequently just released her debut album Love Fuelled Hate, toured the States and has a new single, Queen, out now…

Elle Exxe
Elle Exxe Uses...
A hermit at a YMCA

All my life I’ve loved music and making noise but, when I was a kid, I lost someone very special to me and that was the catalyst that motivated me to pursue music in a more serious way. I quit school at 16 with an album I’d written in my hand that a friend had helped produce, and headed to London on my own. Camping out in a YMCA wasn’t exactly 'living the dream' and realizing that the clubs and pubs are way stricter on ID in England than Scotland wasn’t ideal.

I quickly became a hermit and all I did was make music. I’d made a YouTube channel and my videos were performing well, so I didn’t have to go out and network, Record producers, labels, managers and promoters were reaching out to me and in no time I was gigging all over the place, partying with celebrities (no ID required!) and recording with major producers.

But I felt unfulfilled. I’d become better known for my throwaway acoustic YouTube covers than my painstakingly intricate electronically produced originals, and that’s what I loved. My performances on a stage were wild, upbeat and energetic with a full band, but my online persona was the polar opposite (sombre piano ballads). So I decided to reinvent myself and start from scratch. It was a nerve-wrecking transition and has been a lot of work but it’s 100% paid off because it’s allowed me to travel the world playing major festivals like V Festival, Sziget, Untold and Isle of Wight. I also picked up an award for Best Female Artist at the UMAs and have had some amazing reviews in the papers. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

It reminds me of Prince

I’m always on the move so I’ve got a portable studio set-up at the moment. I use Logic  X on an external hard drive which has my whole OS on it – it means that I can plug into any computer anywhere in the world and work like I’m in my studio. I’ve got a pair of KRK Rokit 5s, a PreSonus Firebox (which has literally just broke), some Beyer Dynamic DT770 Pro headphones and my main microphone is the Aston Spirit.

Instrument-wise I’ve got nine keyboards/synths including my new Roland FA-06. I also have an Ibanez bass, an alto sax and a couple of guitars (acoustic and electric). I take my Akai MPK mini and my hard drive everywhere I go, plus an iRig (from IK Multimedia) so that I can plug in a mic or whatever and go! I love GarageBand on the iPad when I’m traveling – it’s unbelievable what you can make on it. Within the next 12 months I’ll have built a new studio from the ground up and will be kitting it out, so ask me about my gear in a year!

I love how clear the Aston Spirit is. I was using an SE2200 before but I love the clarity of the Spirit in comparison – it picks up every detail. It looks good as well and feels like it’s built to last. The Rycote shock-mount is pretty special as well – I’m not picking up any of the noise I used to with my standard cradle. I’m into the purple styling as well – it reminds me of Prince which could never be a bad thing.

I’ve loved getting to work with more breathy sounds in my vocals – the Spirit picks up all the texture. I’ve used it for several recordings and I also recorded a voiceover for Ade Adepitan for the BBC Worldwide Travel Show.

The Brits have always been known for having a unique sound. Aston is adding a new clarity to that unique British sound which will travel worldwide and I’m happy to be supporting a British-made product.

Elle Exxe - Lie to me Music Video

Elle Exxe Spotify Playlist


Q. If you weren’t working in music what would you be doing?
A. “Running a hairdressing salon specialising in wigs, with a music venue downstairs and a tattoo and piercing parlour upstairs.”

Q. What would your fantasy mic be?
A. “It’d look like a 10cm floating gold ball-like capsule in the centre of a 2D hollow pink furry heart-shape that takes in your sound and exports it visually, with vibrating waves of colour into a device of your choosing without the need for cables or pre’s (and of course sounds idyllic).”

Q. Who are your favourite Artists?
A. Kendrick Lamar, Aminé, Julia Michaels, Prince, P!nk

Q. What are the 4 words you’d chose to describe Aston, or your experience with the brand?
A. “Clarity. Stylish. Sturdy. British.”

Q. What is the first song that made you cry?
A. “Queen: Who Wants To Live Forever.”

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