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GuitarBrosDemos - Taking gear reviews to another level!

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We recently got in touch with YouTube gearheads GuitarBrosDemos, a gear review and demo channel that we've been supporting since late last year. After seeing the channel go from strength to strength, we got in touch to have a little catch-up and see how they've been finding using Aston mics as part of their  set up.



GuitarBrosDemos was created by Joss Allen and Tom Roberts "with the need to create fantastic product demos and reviews on the gear that really matters". With a focus on everyday guitars, amps and exotic high-end gear - the Guitar Bros have got you covered! The pair focus on taking an honest approach when making their videos, along with some pretty impressive guitar shredding. With their charming and funny approach to reviews,  it's no surprise that their channel has been growing so quickly.



The musical duo regularly use an Origin, Spirit and Starlight in their videos, and had the following to say;

"We use Aston Mics not only because they sound fantastic, they look amazing" - Joss Allen
"We are currently using the Aston Spirit, Origin & Starlight in all of our videos to record sound and vocals. Aston Mics offer the perfect original sound that we are looking for as a review & Demo based channel. I barely have to edit any sound with Aston Mics, they are a lifesaver!" - Tom Roberts.

We're very much excited to see what these Aston Family members are going to do on their channel next! To see the GuitarDemoBros in action, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel, or watch the video below. 



We also want to extend our thanks to GAK for their part in making this wonderful union happen! 

For more information on the GuitarBrosDemos, you can follow them on Instagram and YouTube.


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