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Making loud music sound awesome with Romesh Dodangoda

Category : Producers

Producer Romesh Dodangoda knows a thing or two about making loud music sound awesome, having worked with Motorhead, Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine and many more rock and metal acts. He got into recording through his days of playing guitar – originally inspired, he tells us, by Oasis - and finding himself looking forward most to being in the studio with his band. This, he says, is where the recording ‘obsession’ started.

Now a Nuendo and sometimes Pro Tools user, he is also keen on classic outboard gear and his Cardiff studio is furnished with plenty: “I have quite a big collection - lots of preamps and compressors such as 1176, LA2A, Distressors, Retro 176, SSL, etc.”

Romesh also takes his microphones seriously and now has a full set of Astons, Origins, Spirits and his current favourites, a stereo pair of laser-guided ‘pencil’ Starlights:

“As soon as I heard Aston were bringing out some small diaphragm condensers, I was on the phone straight away wanting a pair to test. I think I use them in almost every session I do now, they are that good!”

A member of the Aston 33 panel, Romesh is one of the audio experts (now numbering 90+) who has worked with Aston in the development of each new product, participating in pre-production blind listening tests to help select optimal voicings for each microphone.

He also uses the Aston Halo reflection filter to iron out any issues with rogue room acoustics, notably at a session in Budapest where, unable to find a suitable studio space at short notice, he was able to turn a sonically unfriendly hotel suite into a ‘brilliant vocal room’.

“To me, Aston is a brand built by people who truly understand the quality of sound that producers and engineers are after, and that’s why so many of us are using their microphones.”

Thanks for your help and support Romesh – proud to have you in the family!

Read more on Romesh’s mic’ing techniques, metal sessions and more by reading the full article here: https://www.astonmics.com/EN/artist-details/Romesh-Dodangoda 


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