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Made On the Road - with Aston on Board

Category : Events

We are proud to be the exclusive microphone partners for Made On The Road, the mobile creative brainchild of songwriter, keyboardist and producer George Holliday.

As a touring performer George became frustrated by the practical obstacles of creating music as a pianist while travelling; easy for the guitarist with a gig bag, less practical if your preference is for an 88 note weighted keyboard. To redress the balance, in the summer of 2017 he bought the ‘Jazz bus’, a vehicle which, after a few adjustments, was to become his home studio on wheels and the headquarters of the Made On The Road project.

Now George and his collaborators travel around the UK and Europe providing a much in-demand hub for musical production and content creation. The van is available to hire to any company or creators who can benefit from the creative space, while the multi-talented founder also produces his own photographic and video content for his Instagram and YouTube channels.

Equipment on the bus includes Aston Origin and Spirit mics, plus an Aston Halo reflection filter to dealwith any acoustic challenges presented by the van’s interior. George explains how a Spirit/Halo combination helped get great results in a recent session:

“Before we set off for Europe, I had a producer/writer on board called NMQ, and he’s played guitar for the likes of Jessie J, Little Mix, N-Dubz, Miss Dynamite and so many more, and he’s now pushing his beat production. He asked to hire the bus for a day in London so we found a location, pulled up in the bus, and hosted his final day working on his debut single. We provided him with all the gear he needed and just rocked up with his guitar and laptop. The vocalist on his track was called Marli Artiste, and we used the Aston Spirit and the Halo to get the final vocals down. One thing with working from a bus, is it isn’t entirely soundproof, but having the Halo around the Spirit really makes working on here a breeze!”

The van will be a hive of activity at the Dimensions Festival in Croatia (29th August to 2nd September) before returning to the UK and embarking on a tour with eco-project Corcovado. Future plans include a 6 Week self-organised tour around UK Universities talking about Made On The Road, giving advice to students on Streamlining Creating Social Media for their brand and Innovation in the Music Industry, and a week-long trip to Brighton to create a songwriting course for Waterbear University.

Keep up to date with the Jazz Bus and Made On The Road on George’s YouTube channel:

and hook up with @madeontheroaduk on Facebook and Instagram.

For further information on Aston mics click here.

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