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Jon-John Robinson (Lady Gaga, Pink, Diana Ross, TLC) joins the Aston family!

Category : Producers

Producer, song writer and multi-instrumentalist Jon-John Robinson has worked with Lady Gaga, Pink, Diana Ross,TLC, Boyz of Paradise, and many more, so he can use any mics he chooses, but he swears by his Astons!

“You can put an Aston mic in a room with a Telefunken, a Neumann, a Sony and an AKG and record a vocal and people would think it was an expensive mic, it’s that good." Jon-John told us in our exclusive interview.

He says he uses a Spirit and an Origin for pretty much everything:

“Between the two, you don’t really need another mic.”

Find out the album which turned him on to being a producer, the gear he uses and the path that led him to be working with thw greats...Read the full interview here:

A warm welcome to the Aston family Jon-John.

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