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Santa’s got the festive Spirit

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Controversy surrounds ‘Santa uses Aston Mics’ claim

Aston Microphones are claiming these exclusive photos prove beyond reasonable doubt that the Christmas legend has selected an Aston Spirit to record this year’s ‘Ho Ho Ho’.

Conspiracy theorists are claiming the photo in fact just shows top UK voiceover artist Guy Harris wearing an inexpensive novelty hat, but sources close to the microphone company have poured scorn on the allegations: “If you go slightly cross-eyed you can see the reflection of a reindeer in the Swiftshield he’s using.” said one. “Anyway, look at that stuff on the screen behind him – looks like grotto icicles to me.”

Industry experts have confirmed that Aston mics are built to survive extreme abuses like freezing cold, high-speed sleigh descents and alcohol-fuelled lunges down chimney stacks, but remained divided as to the authenticity of the photograph. Doubts centre on the hoodie/t-shirt combination and the complete lack of facial hair.

Mr. Harris, aka ‘VoiceOverGuy’ was unavailable for comment last night, although it is understood he does receive many requests over the festive period to masquerade as the bearded one for countless TV, radio, in-store adverts and even BBC Radio 2 this year. “Every other job is bloody Santa at the moment” he was recently quoted as saying.

Claims on his website www.voiceoverguy.co.uk of ‘A versatile and credible voice heard worldwide’ and ‘Professional with same day delivery’ have even fuelled speculation in some quarters that Guy Harris and Santa Claus may be one and the same person, swapping his scripts for a sleigh – and Wakefield for Lapland - for one crazy 24 hour period every year.

“Rubbish” said an Aston marketing spokesperson, “It’s not Harris, it’s Santa, and that’s all there is to it. Otherwise the headline doesn’t work.”


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