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Aston Family - please help give Element the perfect start in life!

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The support you give our brand is amazing – now we’d really appreciate your votes in Music Tech’s ‘Gear of the Year’ Awards…

Thousands of musicians and producers famously helped voice the new Aston Element in a unique multi-round voting process. Now it’s time to vote again, and help give this amazing new microphone the recognition we think it deserves!

Element is in the running for TWO of Music Tech magazine’s prestigious ‘Gear of the Year’ awards, having been nominated in the ‘Best Microphone’ and ‘Best Innovation’ categories. And we are not alone in thinking it would be a worthy winner of both; the magazine itself has called Aston’s new wondermic “a game-changer” and “an astonishing mic… easily outperforms most similarly priced condensers.”


Voting is easy, just follow these links and choose Aston Element from the list of nominees.

Aston Element – Best Microphone

Aston Element – Best Innovation


Unlike some of the huge global bands represented on the list, Aston is a small company and the only mainstream mic brand which designs and develops all its products in the UK. We make sure each product we release adds something to the market - we NEVER play copycat. Every new release uses ingenious and unique technology, design and manufacturing techniques which have become known for providing exceptional sound quality and beautiful visuals, at a fraction of the cost of the competition.

Element, at just £159/€179/$199 has been measured (by world authority NTi Audio) to be the world’s quietest microphone and to have the widest frequency response of ANY moving coil microphone! It features an all-new, specially designed capsule which combines the best of dynamic, condenser and ribbon mic technology. This, in itself, is remarkable in an industry which has long relied on off-the-shelf capsules based on age-od designs.

Each of our mics to date have had awards bestowed on them by the audio industry and media including, most recently,‘Best Microphone’ in the 2020 NAMM TEC Awards for the Aston Stealth (think ‘global Oscars for the audio industry’) – an incredible first for a British brand up against all the global giants.

Element is arguably Aston’s finest achievement yet; this level of performance just shouldn’t be possible at the price - AND it comes with FREE premium shock mount and pop shield, both designed from ground-up to complement the new beauty. Here’s you chance to help give our new baby the best possible start to life, by casting your vote in Music Tech’s Gear of the Year’s ‘Best Microphone’ and Best Innovation’ categories.

As always, we really appreciate your support – thank you!


Please vote now!

Aston Element – Best Microphone

Aston Element – Best Innovation

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