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2300 ft underground with QOTSA FOH legend Hutch

Category : Artists

Front of house sound engineer Patrick Hutchinson, better known simply as Hutch, started out working with bands in the 1970s heyday of punk. As his friends took up playing instruments Hutch veered towards the production side of the music business:

“I learned about lighting, sound and set-building, so it was really from a theatrical standpoint that I began.”

He started working with rock band Kyuss and the friendships and contacts he made in those days opened up a career which saw him work with John Paul Jones’ Them Crooked Vultures, Eagles of Death Metal, The Raconteurs and the band with whom he spent the majority of his career, and also contributed musically on keyboards and vocals, Queens of the Stone Age.

Hutch now runs his own sound company in Joshua Tree, California, providing PA and sound engineering for a range of live performances, from the local rock venues through to major outdoor festivals. Aston Starlight SDC mics are a part of his essential tool kit:

“I use the Starlights quite a bit. Joshua Tree is a musically rich area, the diversity of music that is played, performed and recorded here is pretty extreme. I’ve done a lot of concerts here recently with Cretan music so I’m dealing with harmoniums and tablas, a lot of really interesting percussion and stringed instruments and I really find the Starlight does a great job on a diverse range of instruments.”

Read Hutch’s story, from travelling the world by van through to gigging 2300 ft underground, in our full interview with the FOH legend, here.



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