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Elevating Live Performance with Cadence Noir

Category : Artists

Introducing a new series on the Aston Microphones YouTube channel: "Micing The Band"

In our inaugural episode, we delve into the world of live sound engineering as we follow the journey of Hamish Ward, a budding sound engineering student, as he takes on the challenge of micing up UK Goth Folk 'n' Roll band, Cadence Noir, using only microphones from the Aston range.

With his dissertation titled "Optimal Microphone Selection: Is The Industry Standard Always The Best Option?" currently in the works, Hamish is on a mission to explore the untapped potential of Aston mics in live settings. And where better to put this theory to the test than at the intimate metal music venue, Grand Central Live, nestled in the heart of Manchester?

The video provides a behind-the-scenes look at Hamish's process of mic placement and recording setup tailored specifically for the band’s live performance. From navigating the limited space to ensuring optimal sound quality, Hamish showcases his expertise with finesse and ingenuity.

Rich from Aston Microphones gives Hamish Ward the opportunity to try out the Aston Apex

The video culminates in a mesmerising live recording of the band’s performance, flawlessly captured by the Aston mics. It's a testament to the versatility and quality of Aston microphones in the dynamic environment of live music.

The success of this experiment speaks volumes, but we're not stopping there. We want to hear from you, our loyal Aston community.

Share your own experiences of using Aston mics in live setups by tagging #AstonMicsLive on social media. Let's amplify the conversation and showcase the endless possibilities that Aston mics bring to the world of live sound engineering.

Cadence Noir performing live using Aston Apex microphone

Special thanks to Hamish Ward, Cadence Noir, and the team at Grand Central Live for their invaluable contributions to this project. Together, we're pushing the boundaries of live sound technology and inspiring the next generation of sound engineers.

Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to explore the intersection of innovation and creativity in sound with Aston Microphones.


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