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My Baby using our babies! Trio choose Aston Spirits as overheads.

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Dutch-New Zealand band My Baby have taken to using a pair of Aston Spirits as their drum overhead mics.

The trio - who list gospel, blues, ancient folk, seventies funk, Moroccan gnawa, Indian raga and “a touch of EDM” among the influences and ingredients that contribute to their eclectic sound - are midway through their ‘In The Club’ European tour, promoting their newly released fourth album, Mounaiki – By The Bright Of Night.

Their Front Of House sound engineer is Ralph Verdult, a self-confessed “big gearhead”, bought two Spirits when he needed some additional large diaphragm condenser mics for a recording session:

“I've had them in the mic locker of the studio for quite a while already, and love using them on grand piano. When we were rehearsing for the release of the new record we tried them as overheads and really liked them, so we kept them there.”

Monitor engineer Beau Eckhardt and the band’s drummer, Joost van Dijck have also been impressed with the Spirits:

"I'm really charmed with these mics! The top end is very nice, I get to rely on the overheads a lot more in my in-ear mixes." Beau told us.

Joost explained, from an on-stage perspective, how the sound of the Spirits actually helped inspire his playing:

"The Spirits sound so nice in my in-ears, I totally fell in love with my drums again. They make my cymbals come to life!"

Ralph, who is tasked with delivering a great drum sound for Joost and the band, explained how the Spirits coped well with the dynamics and range of sounds emanating from the kit. He is also considering expanding his Aston Spirit inventory!

“They have a very nice, open sound, which stays like that when the drummer starts hitting the round metal things a bit louder, which happens quite sometimes during the set. I'm also considering putting some on the guitar cabs.”

My Baby's new album Mounaiki – By The Bright Of Night is available from all major digital platforms and in CD and vinyl formats.

For more information on My Baby and tour dates visit their official website here:

And visit the band’s Facebook page here:

Find more informatin on the Aston Spirit large condenser mic here:


Pictures: Peter Lodder

Venue: Melkweg Amsterdam




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