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Evoke Studios fall victim to flooding.

Category : Artists

We’ve all felt the force of storm after storm in the UK over the last couple of weeks. Evoke studios based in Leeds found after one particularly harsh storm that their beloved studio had fallen victim to 4ft of flooding, destroying over 90% of their equipment.

Evoke Studios is a creative studio for artists to record, rehearse, and film live sessions. Their team of 4, built it from the ground up, and in their first 6 months, they have recorded a plethora of artists from Leeds and the surrounding areas, and become a central creative hub in the heart of Brighouse.

Damages were well in excess of £6,000. All microphones, amps, and instruments have been destroyed, as well as major structural damage.

They are asking for your help. Please, please donate or share their story. Without the help of the community, They will be unable to bounce back from this.

Find out more about Evoke Studios: https://www.evoke-studios.com/the-team

Donate to their cause: https://uk.gofundme.com/f/evoke-studios-flooding-fundraiser

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