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Mixing it with QOTSA and Eagles of Death Metal - producer Dave Catching

Category : Artists

With a playing career that has included membership of rock giants Queens of the Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal among others, it’s no surprise to find that as a producer Dave Catching is attracting some serious clients. He is co-owner of the Rancho de Luna studio in California, where a host of top artists have recorded, including QOTSA, Foo Fighters and the Arctic Monkeys.

He calls himself a ‘happy accidents kind of guy’ when it comes to choosing and using gear and draws inspiration from an eclectic taste in production ranging from Nick Lowe’s work with the Damned through to Frank Sinatra’s albums.

A friend of Aston’s from the start, Dave uses he full suite of Aston mics in his work, for the sound and also the reliability;

“Aston microphones do sound great, they are tough and industrial. With an Aston you know you can drop a brick on it and just pick it back up knowing it’s gonna be working just fine.”

It’s great to have Dave in the family.

Read our full interview with Dave Catching here.

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