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Aston, Analogue and the Allman Brothers with Producer/Engineer Ted Young

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Most producers and engineers start at the bottom and work up, but Ted Young went straight in at the deep end – his first paid job was working on a session with the Allman Brothers.

His has remained at the top of the profession ever since and has worked with the likes of Sonic Youth, Kurt Vile, Alice Cooper, Mick Jagger, Andrew W.K., The Gaslight Anthem, and many more during spells working at Water Studios, Magic Shop in New York and then freelance, with his own studio facility, Outer Space.

An advocate of analogue, Ted learned the traditional skills of bouncing tracks, tape splicing and tape machine maintenance and he still utilises analogue gear in his work:

"At a certain point the digital stuff just got very good, and people like that sound. But I still incorporate the analogue as much as I can. I just think that it sounds correct.”

Tom uses a full suite of Aston microphones - Origins, Spirits and Starlights – in his work:

“I’m pretty steadfast and utilitarian which is why I like the Aston mics because I know what they do and they just perform great in every circumstance.”

We're proud to welcome Ted into the family! Read more about Ted’s amazing career, his go-to gear, his love of analogue and Aston mics in our full review here.





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