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Meerkat Meals commercial with Aston Origin & voice-over king Redd Pepper

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They call him 'Voice-over king', 'Mr Movie Trailer Man' and many more...Redd Pepper has the 'voice of an earthquake' and is a legend when it comes to VO work. In a new commercial of Compare The Market he shows his talent to the full and our very own Aston Origin proudly takes part in it. Watch the video below and we promise that you will be blown away by his amazing voice...and what the Aston Origin is capable of.   

With this very clever and entertaining advertising campaign Compare The Market presents the benefits of Meerkat Meals for their customers in the United Kingdom. According to Compare The Market customers are able to get 2for1 meals at restaurants including Prezzo and Pizza Hut...but see yourself.


About the Aston Origin 

The Aston Origin is the cornerstone of the Aston brand, our first mic, and a global best seller. Simple, but incredibly well engineered, and perfect for everyone from budding singer-songwriters to weathered industry pros. The Origin’s sound can be best described as ‘forgiving’… it doesn’t flatter to deceive but its ultra-smooth and pure sound, while rich with detail, will not overload with harmonics and leave you reaching for the EQ. It sounds, well, just like you do.

If you’re looking for a really, REALLY good all-rounder, which will make your voice sound incredibly natural and true and easy to manage in the mix, then the Origin is the mic for you. Find out more about the Origin: Reviews, Videos, Tech Specs, News


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