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Vahagn Stepanyan - bringing the world together through music

Category : Artists

Producer, songwriter, film soundtrack composer and keyboardist Vahagn Stepanyan is turning his dreams of worldwide collaborations into reality, having worked with a wide array of leading global artists including Eric Marienthal, Nathan East, Melvin Lee Davis, Henrik Linder, Eric Moore and many more.

In our exclusive interview Vahagn reveals all about his Logic, Cubase and Antelope-based studio set-up and his collection of more than 50 microphones, including Aston microphones.

“I love how the Spirit mics capture a bright, smooth, and soft sound. I also love the detail from Starlights on drum overheads or on piano. They are all so flexible as microphones and work on almost everything.”

Welcome to the Aston family Vahagn!

Read up on Vahagn’s career, collaborations and gear choices on his new Aston Artist page here.



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