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Tilly Moses – Challenging misconceptions about disability through music

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 “I'm happy but people find that really perplexing.”

Folk singer, songwriter and mandolin player Tilly Moses deals with humanity’s biggest challenges in her music; climate change, gender inequality, love, and a subject particularly close to her, disability ethics.

She was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a chronic condition that causes pain and fatigue and told BBC interviewer Kate Scotter the condition can leave her so tired she passes out. She sometimes has to use a walking stick or a wheelchair.

People’s misconceptions about her disability have inspired her to write songs about it.

"When people see me, because I'm young and I'm performing, people assume you can't be those things and be disabled." She told the BBC.

"I'm happy but people find that really perplexing, as if being disabled is almost worse than being dead. I've got friends, family, a boyfriend, a career, my music. Sometimes I can't get out of bed but that's fine."

Tilly is currently on her UK tour with dates in London, Leicester, York, Sheffield and Brighton, promoting her new album, ‘If I Could Gather All The Songbirds’. Her first release, the 2017 ‘Alight & Adrift’ was greeted with widespread acclaim in folk cirlces, with BBC Radio Suffolk’s Stephen Foster writing:
‘To say it’s an assured debut from Tilly Moses would be the understatement of the year. Fantastic debut album. Every track a winner’

The artist, 19 years old at the time, also received an enthusiastic response from BBC Introducing:
‘Wow. She’s incredible. A tremendously exciting artist, regardless of her age.’


We look forward to hearing more from this exciting young songstress!
Find out more by visiting Tilly Moses’ official website:




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