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Capturing The Horizon with an Aston Halo

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Renowned rock and metal producer Romesh Dodangoda records new BMTH album

English rock band Bring Me The Horizon recently posted a video giving a glimpse of the band in the LA studio where they are recording their new album, Amo. An Aston Halo reflection filter was used to guarantee a consistent vocal sound through the project and it plays a starring role in the new video!

Amo is BMTH’s sixth album and due for release on January 11th 2019. The band’s singer and frontman Oli Sykes told rock and metal site Blabbermouth it is more experimental than their previous release, 2015’s That’s The Spirit:

"It's just different enough. It's not safe, but it's a bit of what you know and love about us and it pushes it out there. It's not that it's not representative, but every song on the record is completely different.”

The album was recorded by the legendary Romesh Dodangoda (Motorhead, Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine and many more) and produced by band members Oli Sykes and Jordan Fish.

Romesh is a member of the Aston 33 product development panel and uses the full suite of Astons (Origins, Spirits and Starlights) in his projects, as well as the Halo. He relates a story of using the reflection filter to cure the ‘nightmare’ acoustics of a Budapest hotel suite which he had to use for a short-notice session when no suitable studio was available:

“It allowed me to turn a very bad-sounding hotel room into a brilliant vocal room and I got the job done and everyone was really happy with the result!”

Now Romesh uses the Halo even for projects recorded in world-class purpose-built facilities:

"The Halo is such a great solution for making a vocal booth anywhere. In this case with BMTH, the band wanted to record the vocals in the control room. Using the Halo, it eliminated so many of the reflections to allow much clearer and focussed vocals to be recorded in the control room."

“I use the Halo on so many vocals with artists, it just cleans up the vocal so well and gives such a focused sound. They look really great and inviting so singers really enjoy singing into them and even in a great vocal room they really help with that last extra bit of clarity on the vocal.” He told us.

Amo is hotly anticipated by fans and media alike, with NME calling it: “The record that’s sure to cement BMTH’s position as arena-fillers.” Appetite for the new work was heightened in the summer of 2018 by some ingenious pre-promotion, with posters advertising unique phone numbers and a website address both contacting cryptic messages and the question ‘Do you wanna start a cult with me’ (a lyric from the first single, Mantra).

Around the same time the band announced their First Love World Tour, with a full European schedule through November followed by sixteen USA dates, commencing 23rd January.


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