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Producer, writer and musician Space, making future punk with Aston mics

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Producer, writer and musician Space is a pivotal figure in the post-punk scene with credits and collaborations ranging from producing UK band-of-the-moment Idles’ highly acclaimed two albums to date, through to Rat Scabies, Wilko Johnson and many others. Yet despite this enviable anti-establishment CV, Space remains in the shadows in terms of personal celebrity, eschewing the levels of personal online promotion usually associated with artists at the top of their genres.

His own project, Black Futures, which comprises Space and his musical partner Vibes, have just release their debut album ‘Never Not Nothing’ which is already receiving praise from on high, with Kerrang hailing it as: “…a brilliant collection of ‘future-punk’ (their words) songs that are very much a product of our troubled times.”

Space has been an Aston user since the beginning, and relies on his Origins, Spirits and Starlights for a range of applications, including using the Orign as the main vocal mic for Idles two albums.

“It was kind of luck I first came across Aston mics. I had a [AKG] 414 that broke just before a session and I was like, ‘errr… I need something to tide me over until I get this one fixed.’ And then I never used it again!” he told us in our exclusive interview.


Read our full interview with the elusive Space here:

To see Black Futures live dates, visit their official site here:





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