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Starlights, lasers and spaceships; drummer for the stars Tom Meadows

Category : Artists

Drummer Tom Meadows tours with the likes of Kylie Minogue, Duffy, Will Young and Girls Aloud, but it could have been so different if he had stayed with the instrument he was learning at school, the violin. When his violin got smashed - ironically by having a timpani dropped on it – he used the insurance money to buy his first drum kit. “I’ve never looked back since then.” he told us in our exclusive interview.

Tom’s drum kit has changed over time with the styles and demands of the galaxy of artists he has toured with, and with sample-heavy sets has looked ‘like a spaceship’ at times.

He uses Aston Starlight and Spirit mics, and is particularly fond of the ‘dark’ setting on the laser-guided Starlights, and the range of sounds available from experimenting with the placement of his Spirit:

“Just to have those different modes on one mic is so useful. I just love the dark, was as Coles-esque as I could get, without having a Coles! The Spirit I’ve used on the outside of the kick and also diagonally in the corner behind me, that sounded absolutely fantastic! The versatility on these mics is bonkers.”

We’re proud to welcome Tom into the Aston family!

Red our full interview with Tom Meadows here:

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