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Aston Halo – Give your new project the sound it deserves

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Isolation has never sounded so good!

It’s great to see so many people turning these difficult days into something positive. Some are starting fitness regimes or online cookery classes, or catching up on those books bought over a year ago, but we’re especially blown away by the new wave of home-based creativity. Musicians, bloggers, vloggers and Youtubers we salute you! We doubt there will ever be a period where so many EPs are released, so may podcasts launched and so much fantastic online content published.

We’ve been contacted by many of our friends, our lovely extended Aston family, about getting the right kit in place for these new projects, and we’re happy to say in most territories we still have Aston retailers able to deliver to your door.

The Aston Halo is at the top of many people’s lists, the reflection filter that turns pretty much any space into a great sounding recording environment. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a properly treated acoustic environment to record in, it can be a real struggle to get a natural sound and eradicate the boominess that is the curse of most untreated indoor spaces, especially parallel-walled rooms.

Halo provides absorption, diffusion and yes, isolation (as if any of us need any more of that…) ensuring both you and your favourite microphone sound as you should; natural, and consistent. It also provides 360° coverage, meaning the floor/ceiling reflections, which can be the worst acoustic offenders and the ones so many reflection filters miss, are covered.

Give your new project the professional sound it deserves. Halo costs just £219 / 249€ / $299 and will help you hear all that other lovely gear you have at its best!

To find a Halo that’s just a few clicks away, use our dealer finder


Stay safe, stay healthy, stay creative :)


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