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Transforming the Home Recording Process with Skindred’s Mikey Demus

Category : Artists

Mikey Demus, songwriter and guitarist for one-of-a-kind Ragga Metal band Skindred talks gear, getting into music and using Aston mics for Skindred’s latest album.

Mikey takes a direct approach to songwriting, recording everything there and then from drum loops to bass, guitars and vocals with the aim of painting a finished picture: “I find the less imagination you need to appreciate a demo or song idea, the better the final product will be.”

While recording at home, Mikey couldn’t help but notice it was never quite the same as going into the studio – until he got his hands on an Aston Origin.

“I felt like that gap had been bridged…Switching to Aston was like turning a bright light on in an old dark cave.”

He later got himself an Aston Spirit and was blown away all over again: “For me the Spirit stands toe to toe with anything I’ve used in the studio...you basically have a studio quality vocal chain at your fingertips.”

Mikey also found the Halo invaluable when he moved house and was left wanting for a space to work in with decent acoustics. “Bringing in the Halo was like summoning a perfect space to track vocals….it’s the best reflection filter I’ve ever used, without a shadow of a doubt.”

Mikey used a Spirit and Halo at home to track backing vocals and acoustic guitars for Skindred’s latest album, Big Tings, which also featured Origin on drums. Live, the band use Starlights to mic the guitar cabs and as drum overheads.

Find dates for their upcoming European tour here.

Read our full exclusive interview with Mikey here.

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