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Anya V releases EP featuring in-car vocals and Aston mics

Category : Artists

LA-based singer, songwriter and pianist Anya V has released her debut EP ‘Frequencies’, produced by fellow Aston artist and award-winning producer Jae Deal (Janet Jackson, Elton John, Snoop Dogg, Lady Gaga).

The EP features an all-star Aston mic mix, with Spirits  and Origins featuring throughout the recordings.

Although the pair have access to some top studio facilities, many of the vocals for the EP were recorded in Anya’s car!

“I get my best sound in the car because it’s so closed and nobody’s bothering me and there are no extra sounds anywhere. I also have this gadget that I built for my microphone – it actually fits the Aston really well – it’s kinda like a house for a microphone. I usually hang it upside down from the mirror. It works really nicely, it gets the sound nice and clean.”

How cool is that? Welcome to the Aston family Anya!

Check out the new EP here:

And read more on Anya V in our full interview here:

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