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Irwin Sparkes to release first solo album under White Tail Falls

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After four years of recording in various locations and environments, Aston artist and Hoosiers frontman Irwin Sparkes’ solo concept album is ready for a May 2020 launch. Under the name of White Tail Falls, the work was created using Aston Mic technology - the Aston Spirit and Halo can be heard throughout the album.

Irwin recorded parts of the album in a very shallow shed (which suffered an infestation of foxes and fleas during the recording of the album, but that's another story…). “You can hear on the album everything's bouncing around next door. And then, as the album is recorded in the chronological order of how the songs actually came about, towards the end you can hear when I've got the Halo in place. It suddenly sounds like a studio!” he told us.

Irwin has just released the latest single off the album 'Disintegrate' and a brilliant new EP 'Fake News' 

Fake News was inspired by the shock and awe at how people draw their conclusions; betting the farm on such little evidence. It was the first song I showed to music svengali [producer] Erland Cooper, the first time we met in his studio. Through a rigorous campaign of emotional manipulation and online trolling, Erland crumbled and eventually mixed the album, wrote and recorded the strings for ‘Give It Up, Son’ and exec-produced the album. I wouldn't have made this record without him. Thanks pal.”

You can catch White Tail Falls playing the Old St Pancras in London. If you don’t catch him in London you can also find Irwin playing on stages in Brighton, Manchester, Glasgow or Leeds.

Listen to the EP

Get tickets to the show at the Old St Pancras

Check out the video for White Tail Falls brand new single ‘Disintegrate’. 





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