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LIVE Q&A with Aston Microphones CEO James Young

Category : Events

Everything you ever wanted to know about Aston – from the guy who started it all.

Tuesday 31st March at 6pm UK time, live questions and answers on the Aston Facebook page.

Why do Aston mics LOOK so different? Why are so many top pros using them when they cost so little? Is it true an Origin once got shot at? Who are the Aston 33? What’s with the beard? Questions, questions….

Find out more about the buzziest mic brand on the planet, how it’s become a legend in just four years and picked up the prestigious international NAMM TEC Award plus three nominations – all with just four mics in the range!

The gear, the brand, the artists; maybe you need some advice on recording or live mic’ing? Which would be the best mic for your voice, instrument or particular project? Here’s your chance to hear it from the heart and soul of the company, James Young, in our LIVE Q&A session. Simply join us on Facebook from 6pm on Tuesday 31st March (British Summer Time) and ask away!


Join in the fun here!


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