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Aston artist Robin Adams on working with Architects

Category : Producers

Robin Adams was still at school when he decided he preferred the idea of being a producer to performing on stage himself. A degree in music production later he was making the contacts and building the relationships which would eventually lead to him working with award-winning Brighton band Architects.

“Working on Architects ‘Holy Hell’ record was an incredible experience for me, not only because I was, first and foremost, a fan of the band but also because of where this album was placed in the band’s story. It was the first record they were to put out since Tom Searle, their guitarist and lead songwriter had tragically passed away.” Robin told us in our exclusive interview.

For recording vocals it’s all Aston for Robin: “For my vocal chain, I’ve been favouring the Aston Origin over anything else at the moment, and I’m using a Halo of course.” He runs the Origin through his AMS Neve 1073LB and a Distressor EL8.

Read more on Robin Adams, including his work with British hardcore punks Blood Youth - and his technique for recording a flushing toilet - in our full interview.

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