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From open mic nights to the 02 - busker extraordinaire Alfie Sheard

Category : Artists

Singer songwriter and Youtube sensation Alfie Sheard started out doing the local open mic nights, bars and restaurants around his home county of Yorkshire, UK, before getting the busking bug, which soon saw him entertaining crowds on the streets of cities worldwide.

Fast-forward to 2017, and with a growing Youtube following Alfie was noticed by USA TV host and comedian Ellen Degeneres. He interviewed and performed on her show, during which one of his idols, Ed Sheeran, presented him with one of his guitars – an instrument Alfie still uses for writing inspiration.

By way of contrast to the street corners where he honed his craft, in 2018 he played 22 straight nights in some of the UK’s biggest venues, including the O2 and Manchester Arena.

Aston Microphones were brought to Alfie’s attention by a number of industry figures he came into contact with as his career gathered pace:

“I was super excited to try out some of Aston's gear as I have heard some truly amazing things. In fact one of the main reasons I've chosen Aston was down to countless recommendations from other writers and producers. I had to get my hands on it and see if all the talk was true! The first thing I noticed when I received my Aston gear was the build quality. I could tell every detail had been cared for, leaving no room for error.”

In addition to using the full suite of Aston mics – Origin, Spirit and Starlight, he has also found the Aston Halo reflection filter a boon when having to record in less than ideal acoustic environments:

“I was recording in a hotel room recently, the room had a high ceiling and there was a lot of reverb and unwanted noise. The Aston Halo Shadow fixed this problem for me and gave me a dry and defined vocal track, ready to produce.”

Great to have you on board Alfie and great to hear Aston gear is working for you – welcome to the family!


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