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Aston Stealth - Eccentric engineering

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Aston’s eccentric engineers like to think outside the box – or rather the capsule - when it comes to the development of our microphones. They believe in pushing the boundaries and creating mics that don’t just sound and look amazing but offer innovative technology too.


Twist Switch

The Aston boffins have added a unique safety feature to Stealth which means that you can’t accidentally change the voicings whilst the mic is in use or in transit. The switch is designed to resist being rotated by fingertips or accidental knocks, but gently grip the twist switch ring around the inside of your thumb and forefinger and enjoy the satisfying ‘click’ as you move between Stealth’s four voices.

(How annoying would it be if you were midway through a song, really getting into a groove, and the sound of the mic changed??).

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Internal Shock Mount

You don’t need an external shock mount, because we’ve built in an innovative internal shock mount (patent pending) which gives you super-low handling noise. The capsule is mass loaded with a 250 g ballast weight which gives an incredibly accurate response. This whole structure is suspended in mid-air within the chassis by three Sorbothane hemispheres, (Sorbothane is a synthetic polymer which is an incredibly efficient acoustic vibration damper), so the capsule assembly is completely isolated from the outside world.. and no external mount means we’ve been able to engineer another clever little device… the Stealth’s custom stand mount.


Custom Stand Mount

No one wants to spend ages setting up a mic. We like to think that when inspiration hits, Stealth is the easiest microphone to just set up and start using. The quick release stand mount allows you to simply click the mic into place and angle with precision and ease. It fits directly onto any industry standard microphone stand. And when it comes to packing away you can quickly detach Stealth and you’re good to go. And don’t let this nifty little mounting device’s looks fool you… it’s super strong and will happily hold your mic in whatever position you need it all day long!

Watch the video 


Built-in Class A preamp and world’s first auto-detect function

Stealth works in passive mode, just like a dynamic stage mic, or in active mode, like a studio condenser. It detects the presence of phantom power and automatically engages a built-in Class A mic preamp providing the kind of gain-lift which other mics require an expensive external device to achieve (more than 40dB!!). And watch those beautiful purple LEDs glow to indicate active operation! (these can be turned off for ‘Stealth mode’ when the mic needs to be heard but not seen.



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