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Taking the modern route to fame - Orla Gartland and her Aston Origin

Category : Artists

Singer songwriter Orla Gartland is at the forefront of music’s empowered modern age, attracting a huge following by building her own online world, and now taking her music outside of the digital realm with headline tours of her native Ireland and beyond.

From her early days of recording her own songs in her bedroom, Orla now has nearly quarter of a million Youtube subscribers. She still records, engineers and produces her own material, always with her trusted Aston Origin mic:

“My Aston is definitely my go-to for all the videos. They’re all recorded in my room, so I want them well recorded.” Orla told us.

Starting in April Orla will be playing a series of European live dates - for details visit her official site here.

Read our interview with Youtube sensation Orla Gartland here.

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