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New Talent
Alfie Sheard

Alfie Sheard

Singer Songwriter
Alfie Sheard

Alfie is a singer-songwriter with a huge online audience. After one of his busking videos caught the attention of 'Ellen Degeneres', he was asked to make an appearance on her show where he also received a signed guitar from Ed Sheeran. Since then he has taken part in a UK arena tour covering venues such as The London O2, Manchester Arena and many more.

Alfie Sheard
Open night to London O2

There was never a moment when I realised I wanted to do music for the rest of my life. All I know is that music has been a substantial factor ever since I was a child. I can remember listening to CDs in the car when I was extremely young. I was baffled by the fact that a song could be recorded in a studio on the other side of the world by people I had never met, and that I could then hear it loud and clear in a random, small English town. The thought that music is the universal language all over the world was way too beautiful to ignore.

I started with my own renditions of other people's songs such as Ed Sheeran, Oasis and The Beatles. After hours of practice I decided to take my talents to the local open mic nights, bars and restaurants. No one had really heard me perform, and I thought it was a way to get my foot in the door and give my confidence a boost.

Around the age of 14 I tried busking, performing on the streets all over the world. This is where I gained most attention. After uploading some of my busking videos, I started gaining traction online. I loved performing classic, timeless songs such as Fast Car, Hallelujah and Stand By Me, and my online audience loves this.

I caught the eyes of The Ellen Degeneres Show out in Los Angeles and I appeared on her show in 2017 for an interview and performance, This is when my biggest idol, Ed Sheeran, gave me one of his signed guitars. I write with it all the time and whenever I run out of inspiration, I take a break and admire it! That’s when the magic flows.

In 2018 I participated in a 22-date UK arena tour covering venues such as The London O2, Manchester Arena and many more. This was an amazing experience and performing to an audience of that capacity was insane. But the best bit was I got too do it for 22 nights straight :)

No room for error

Even though I write a lot in the studio with a full set up, I find it works just as well, If not better, to completely strip things back. Personally, a guitar or piano gives me the ability to truly feel the song, get a basic structure and vibe to the whole thing. Then, when I’m happy with what I have written, I focus fully on the production and recording. That’s just as important.

I was super excited to try out some of Aston's gear as I have heard some truly amazing things. In fact one of the main reasons I've chosen Aston was down to countless recommendations from other writers and producers. I had to get my hands on it and see if all the talk was true! The first thing I noticed when I received my Aston gear was the build quality. I could tell every detail had been cared for, leaving no room for error.

One problem I have faced so far is when I was recording in a hotel room recently, the room had a high ceiling and there was a lot of reverb and unwanted noise. The Aston Halo Shadow fixed this problem for me and gave me a dry and defined vocal track, ready to produce.

Obviously with me being from the UK, it moves me to say how pleased I am Aston is manufactured in the UK. I don’t want something that is mass produced for as little as possible. I want something that has been made and manufactured with care with no corners cut. Aston has a high quality build with zero room for error!


Q. If you weren’t working in music what would you be doing?
A. “I’m not too sure; I guess I'd be doing some 9-5 job that I hated lol.”

Q. What would your fantasy mic be?
A. “A mic that magically removes all flaws aha! And one that fits into an iPhone.”

Q. What are the 4 words you’d chose to describe Aston, or your experience with the brand?
A. “Compact, exceptional, polished and durable.”

Q. What is the first song that made you cry?
A. 'I was made for loving you' - Tori Kelly


“My musical taste spans from The Beatles, The Police, Oasis, Elvis Presley to Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, Jake Bugg, James Bay and many, many more!”

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