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Grammy award-winning producer Ryan Freeland and his Aston mics

Category : Producers

Talk about proactive… When Ryan Freeland was starting out in sound engineering and production he cold-called Bob Clearmountain to ask for a job. In what Ryan describes as a ‘life-changer’ he became Clearmountain’s second engineer for four years, during which he was able to watch the legendary Bruce Springsteen and Rolling Stones producer ply his craft.

Ryan is now an award winning and sought-after producer in his own right, working with artists including Bonnie Raitt, Neil Finn, Aimee Mann, Ray LaMontagne, Louden Wainwright III and many more, and picking up four Grammys along the way. He works out of his own custom built facility, Stampede Origin Studios, which features a high-ceiling drum room plus three isolation booths and a mouth-watering collection of outboard.

Although he has quite a choice of vintage classic mics in his collection he frequently reaches for his trusted Aston Spirits and Starlights in recording sessions:

“I never EQ when I’m recording so I need the mic to be right, it has to sound right going in. If I can’t get it sounding good by moving the mic around I’ll switch the mics out. Often it’s too bright, or too dark, or too this or that, but I’ve never had that with the Astons, they sound just right.”

Read all about Ryan’s life and work in our exclusive interview here.

Welcome to the family Ryan!


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