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Take an Aston Stealth on loan and get heard!

Category : Products

Fancy yourself as a gear reviewer? Here’s your chance to get started – by getting your hands on the world’s most advanced microphone…

Leaving comments on other people’s reviews is a great way to get heard, and can lead to some interesting and entertaining debate about the pros and cons of a mic (or any other product). But have you ever thought about developing your one-line insights into the kind of content that gets other people commenting on YOUR work?

The Aston Stealth has had some incredible reviews by many of the world’s leading pro audio, podcast and gaming publications and websites, but there’s nothing like spending a little time with one yourself to REALLY understand what a monster of a microphone this is. So it got us thinking…

We’re looking for budding reviewers to do exactly that. You don’t need to be a professional journalist or have a zillion subscribers on your social channels, just a fair number of online friends who share your love of making music, producing, podcasting or gaming.

It’s pretty straightforward. We loan you a Stealth microphone for a month, you check it out and review it, in written word, as a video, or both. You’ll then have the option of purchasing at a special discount or, if it’s not for you (really??) returning it. Simple as that.

To apply email us at reviews@astonmics.com with links to your online homes (Facebook, Youtube, whatever). We will select up to 5 reviewers per week to participate in the project.

We will share the best quality work on the Aston website and social channels - and NOT necessarily the ones that lavish the most praise – we can take criticism if it’s balanced and well reasoned (remember, we had 92 top audio professionals picking Stealth to bits during the prototype stages!).

So sharpen those pencils, polish those lenses and get in touch!



Terms and conditions

  • The reviews programme is only available to those resident in the UK nd European Union
  • Only one microphone per participant
  • Pariticants must have access to a good quality soundcard and speakers or headphones

  • Microphone loans will be at the discretion of Aston Microphones Ltd. and wil require either;
    ID proving current residence, a utility bill, mobile and land line numbers
    Payment by debit/credit card (to be refunded if mic is returned)

  • Following a period of one month from receipt of the Stealth paticipants must either pay in full for the microphone or arrange for its return to Aston Microphones within a further two weeks
  • Aston Micropones will pay postage costs for delivery of the microphone. Recipient must pay return costs if not purchasing the microphone

  • Aston Microphones Ltd. can publish/share any content created as part of the reviews programme

  • Paticipants must not publish offensive or abusive content

  • Employees of Aston Microphones Ltd. or any associated company of Aston Microphones Ltd. and their immediate families are not eligible to participate in this programme



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