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Damien Quintard at the Konzerthaus with Aston.

Category : Artists

Emmy Award winning producer-engineer Damien Quintard has been using no fewer than twelve Aston microphones recording for Sony Classical with conductor Tendor Currentzis at Vienna’s Wiener Konzerthaus.

When he is not in one of the world’s great concert houses or polishing the resultant recordings in the studio, Damien will most likely be found at work with his own musical project, Dot Legacy, a band which according to their website: 'thrives on the goal to be the link between The Beastie Boys, Pink Floyd and Queens of the Stone Age.'

Damien’s microphones for the Austrian concert project include Aston Origins, Spirits and Starlights, all of which he helped develop as one of the Aston 33 listening panel, a group of top artists, engineers and producers who take part in blind listening tests to refine the sound of each new Aston mic product (the panel now actually comprises more than 90 industry experts).

"It is a blessing to be able to rely on Aston mics for the next series of reference recordings. We’re currently using pure silver cables, Neve preamps, and a 24 track tape machine, glad to say these mics handle our chain with style." Damien told us.

We’re fortunate to have Damien on the Aston 33 panel – a true Aston family member!

For more information on Dot Legacy’s recordings and live dates visit their website: https://dotlegacyband.com/

To hear the results of Damien producing with Tendor Currentzis, listen to Tchaikovsky: Symphony No.6, available from Amazon here

For further information on Aston mics, please click here.

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