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Krysta Youngs

Krysta Youngs

Musician, soungwriter

Songwriter Krysta Youngs works with Billboard topping talent in her Haus of Creativity writing camps, from EDM to K-Pop, and relies on her Aston Halo reflection filter to ensure natural, pristine vocals on every project… 

Her credits include co-writing BTS’s lead single “ON” (#4 on the Billboard Hot 100) on Map of the Soul 7 which reached #1 on the Billboard 200 Charts. She’s looking forward to more K-pop releases this year as well as releasing her second Splice Vocal Sample Pack.

Sia, BTS, Rain Man
Krysa uses a Spirit and a Halo

Harmonious Beginnings

Krysta Youngs' musical journey began with a close connection to the piano, aged just four years old. "I’ve known that music was my passion from the time I was born," she reveals. Inspired largely by her paren

ts, those formative years of exploration blossomed into a love for music. Dedicating her career to her craft, she developed a musical style she describes as “out of the box,”  


Melodic Milestones 

Krysta's numerous milestones have left an indelible mark on the music industry. "One of the highlights was co-writing a song for BTS that featured Sia!" she recalls. Alongside such iconic collaborations, her versatile work ranges from crafting and performing songs for sync placements to lending vocals on electrifying dance tracks. Notably, her song-writing contributions to the expansive world of K-pop underscore her adaptability and reach, in a genre which has become a global phenomenon. “I write a LOT of K-pop!” she told us. 

Beyond chart-topping successes, Krysta's entrepreneurial spirit shines through in her founding of ‘The Haus of Creativity,’ a business focused on fostering artistic community. I organise annual song-writing camps and publish educational courses…the amount of knowledge I’ve gained starting a business has been priceless.”


Inspiration Everywhere 

Krysta looks to find inspiration in travel and human connection, constantly searching for her next adventure “whether I’m travelling to Korea or 2 hours away to Palm Springs, it’s always a breath of fresh air to get out of my comfort zone.” And when collaborating, Krysta is firm in her values “transparency, loyalty and no ego. I like to be fair and make sure everyone gets what they deserve.” 

Sound Values 

When heading into the studio, the combination of art and technology is what draws Krysta to Aston. "Aston stand out because they care about creatives," she reflects, “the people who work there are great.” The relationship is not rooted solely in hardware, but a shared ethos of pushing boundaries and striving to innovate.

“Aston provide quality products that you can depend on. I’ve used the Halo reflection filter at my writing camps with a plethora of Billboard #1’s and Grammy nominated producers and songwriters.” 

Like many top artists, Krysta uses the Aston Halo reflection filter for its unique combination of absorption, diffraction and 360-degree coverage, to make even the most challenging acoustic environments sound smooth, natural and professional. 

"I want to be able to create the art I want to create, with no limitations, and make millions doing it!" As Krysta pursues her goals, we are proud to know her Aston Halo will be with her on the journey. 


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