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"Garbage" uses Aston gear in studio

Category : Artists

Come on . Admit it. My station looks sexy as fuck. 🔪💄💋🍕💄🍕💋💄🔪

Ein Beitrag geteilt von garbage (@garbage) am


"Come on. Admit it. My station looks sexy as fuck."

Yes, it does indeed! :) Garbage's producer and audio engineer Billy Bush has also been using the Aston Starlight and Halo with the band Slothrust as they track their new album with Dangerbird Records...

"I’ve tried a ton of pencil condensers that want to knock the KM84 off the pedestal and the starlight is the first I’ve tried that captures the detail and the high end beauty of a great 84. I have to also admit I thought the laser pointer was a bit of a gimmick, but I have found it to be incredibly useful to really hone in where I want to focus the mic. Clever and elegant addition!"

"The Halo is also the first rejection apparatus that I’ve found that doesn’t change the tone of the mic or make the vocal sound unnatural. Also works great at blocking out bad reflections on my room mic!"


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