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Holding Absence’s new Aston-powered album unleashed

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Welsh rockers Holding Absence have released their long-awaited album ‘The Greatest Mistake Of My Life’ and the glowing reviews are already piling up. Tracks like 'Beyond Belief' (above) look set to earn the band album chart success with their second full length album since their formation in 2015.

The album was recorded at Middle Farm Studios in Devon using Aston Stealths, Starlights and a Halo, and was nearing completion just as lockdown took a hold. Now with light at the end of the Covid tunnel the band have unleashed the new material along with a documentary filmed during the recording. They have also announced a string of European live dates to promote the new work, kicking off in June 2021 with dates in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and the Netherlands before embarking on a string of UK dates, beginning with their hometown of Cardiff on October 28th.

Distorted Sound Magazine said of the album: “Even in all its beautiful grandeur, it’s arguably the darkest moment of the four piece’s career – but it’s also the best.”

And Wall of Sound, in their 10/10 review, said: “The Greatest Mistake of My Life is like a warm hug for anyone struggling with themselves, anyone feeling alone, anyone who is searching for a light in the dark. Fluctuating between intense and radiant, haunting and hopeful at all the right moments, this album is honestly a flawless masterpiece.”

Aston Starlights were used on the drums of Absence’s Ashley Green, described by producer Dan Weller as “The hardest hitting drummer I’ve ever recorded, bar none.” The versatile Stealth was also used throughout, as was an Aston Halo, to help capture Lucas Woodland’s stunning vocals.

The Greatest Mistake Of My Life is available now in. range of formats, including a Limited Edition box set which includes vinyl and digital versions plus a photobook.


Find out more on Holding Absence’s official website here

Learn more about the Aston gear used to record the album here



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