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On the Sinead O’Connor tour with Stef Jaconelli and Aston mics

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Front of House engineer Stef Jaconelli delivers the sound for Irish star Sinead O’Connor’s Ireland and European tours. He has changed the dynamic/ribbon mic set up he was using on guitarist Phil Edgar’s rig in favour of Aston Spirit condensers. He shot this fantastic video to explain why.

“I’ve had a great experience trying these mics with our guitar player. Phil has a very distinct, clean, powerful sound though a Fender or a Vox AC30. His sound is very crisp and I wanted a mic that would capture that as close as I could get it in a live situation. The Aston Spirit has become the mic of choice mainly because I can pad up to 20dB on it, the pick-up pattern is fantastic and the capsule just sounds beautifully clean.” Says Stef.

“It seems to be very engineer-focussed and you can really tell that in the quality of the product. It’s a heavy microphone, a really well-engineered piece of kit and there’s obviously been a lot of care and thought gone into the build of this mic and the sound quality is just fantastic. Very clean, very crisp, no distortion, I’m very impressed.”

Sinead O’Connor shot to fame in the 1980s when her debut album ‘The Lion and the Cobra’ was a worldwide hit. She is perhaps best known for her version of the Prince track ‘Nothing Compares 2U’.

Touring is currently on hold due to the Covid-19 outbreak, but we look forward to seeing Stef, Phil and Sinead on the road again soon.


Thanks for your support Stef!

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