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Aston Artists in Lockdown! – Si Delaney (Don Broco)

Category : Artists

So how are the stars using their time while in isolation? In the first of our exclusive series Aston CEO James Young catches up with Don Broco axeman Si Delaney. Check out our exclusive video interview above!

Like pretty much everyone, Don Broco's calendar has changed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The band were due to headline at Slam Dunk in May but SI explained; “It’s been postponed until September. We were pretty gutted when it was pushed back but we’re still excited to be playing it – it’s one of our favourite festivals.”

The band are also booked for a number of European festivals which Si says are now in the ‘maybe’ pile; “We’ve got our fingers crossed.”

In another way it’s turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The band were working against the clock to get the new album ready to announce in May and the unexpected extra time they now have is allowing them to “get things in order” says Si. “It takes the pressure off a bit and gives us more time to write and to hone our ideas.”

Watch the video to find out more about where the album’s at, the demos Si is working on, his writing process, recording techniques and how the band’s work at home with Si’s Aston Origin and Spirit mics finds its way onto their finished tracks.


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