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Burgers, Apples and Origins – the world’s biggest brands choose Aston mics

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As if Apple needed to look any cooler!? The computer giant made sure there was an Aston mic on the set of their greatly anticipated live event stream earlier this week, during which they announced their third-gen AirPods, two uber-powerful new M1 chips and the latest incarnation of the mighty MacBook Pro. The opening sequence focussed on the transition and contrast between making music on a Blueberry G3 (remember them?) and the jaw-dropping new releases, showing just how far music production – and computer tech - has come. Great to see an Aston Origin in pride of place on the studio desk, looking reassuringly timeless. Aston’s signature LDC microphone, only released in 2016, seems to have already achieved icon status! We can’t wait to plug one into a shiny new MacBook.

Meanwhile Aston’s latest release, Element, has been spotted starring in another American institution’s latest ad. The ‘People’s Microphone’ is the on-screen voiceover mic of choice for Burger King’s Ghost Pepper Chicken Nuggets TV Commercial, 'Feel the Flame'. Full of flavour and unbelievable value, the revolutionary Element has certainly spiced-up the mic market. Those nuggets look pretty tasty too.


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