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Escape The Fate’s Kevin ‘Thrasher’ Gruft and his flaming Aston mics

Category : Artists

We are proud to welcome guitarist, songwriter, producer, engineer Kevin ‘Thrasher’ Gruft to the Aston family!

Kevin is currently touring the USA with his band Escape the Fate who he has been with since 2011 as lead guitarist and, on the latest album I A Human, co-producer. Three tracks on the album were recorded by Thrasher at his own recording facility including the chart success ‘Broken Heart’.

His ‘minimalist’ studio (Pro Tools and UAD based) features Aston Spirit and Starlight mics plus and an Aston Halo for taming room acoustics when capturing vocals. He got the Spirit when his Telefunken tube mic broke down and he has been using it ever since.

“I think it sounds incredible, with a real hi-fi sound and it has a nice, clean top end to it – really pleasing to the ear." He told us.

Kevin and Escape the Fate recently agreed to put Aston’s legendary build quality to the test. Following UK band Idles’ futile pre-gig attempts to break their Astons recently with bats and Strats (the abused mics were used for the gig and worked just fine), ETF decided to set fire to theirs. To see how things turned out, watch the video here


Read out exclusive interview with Kevin ‘Thrasher’ Gruft here.




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